Our Cheraw office is set up to privately evaluate your hearing and demonstrate new hearing aid technology available to you. In less than an hour you can know what your hearing is doing, see your problem areas and Yes' you can see inside your ear as well. You will be amazed how easy the process can be! And please bring a family member with you so we can also answer any questions they may have too.
Free, No Obligation Hearing Screening

Is it hearing loss or just ear wax? You can find out today without having to spend a penny. Our professionals can perform an Otoscopic Examination, Hearing Screening, Consultation and Patient Analysis at no charge. You are never under any obligation to buy.
If you are searching for hearing aids that sound great and look even better, look no further. Our Cheraw Clinic offers a large selection of quality hearing aids brands & styles from the best manufactures.
Hearing aids are available in Behind-the-ear models and In-the-ear models including the nearly invisible hearing aids. We can help you choose the perfect hearing aid device for your needs and preferences.
Call (843) 407-3941 for a FREE Hearing Test & Try a pair of hearing aids for yourself! Our Cheraw office and hearing center is serving the Pee Dee area around Cheraw South Carolina.
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