In the event you suspect your hearing aids need repairing, contact us today!
Hearing aids should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year, or more often if you produce a lot of earwax. Contact us for specific questions about repairing or cleaning a particular device.
Sound Solutions offers quick, low cost hearing aid repairs on almost any hearing aid.

If you think your hearing aid may need repair, even if you didn’t buy it from us, we’ll be happy to check and repair it if needed.

The hearing aid check is free, and many repairs can be done on-site quickly. Sometimes we can make the repair while you wait. Often the repair will take just a few days.

We’re approved by several hearing aid manufactures to do their repairs, so you can be confident that our technicians are trained to work on your hearing aid.
Hearing aids should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

Our staff has specialized vacuums to clean hearing aids, as well as training and experience in cleaning vents, microphone screens and receivers without causing damage to your hearing aids.

If you are having trouble getting your hearing aids cleaned at home, don't hesitate to call Sound Solutions and ask for an appointment to have it cleaned and checked.

It’s important to keep your hearing aid in the best condition possible.
Sound Solutions
If you are searching for hearing aids that sound great and look even better, look no further. We offer a large selection of top quality hearing aids from the best manufactures in the world!
Hearing aids are available in Behind-the-ear models and In-the-ear models including the nearly invisible hearing aids. We can help you choose the perfect hearing aid device for your needs and preferences.
Call (843) 639-5841 for a FREE Hearing Test & Try a pair of hearing aids for yourself! We have hearing center locations serving the Pee Dee, SC area around Florence, Darlington, Hartsville, Conway, Myrtle Beach, and Cheraw.
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